Friday, 4 November 2011

Bring it on MTV!

As we prepare ourselves for the MTV circus to roll into town, we've put together some outfits that may earn you  a bit part in Rhianna's next video or have you looking the part to schmooze your way into one of the glitzy after parties! 

We've lured a member of staff's sister in to try on all our new goodies, parade around in them and drape herself over a disco ball. Let us know what you think. 

One of the coolest dresses we've had in, well ever! Yours for £46, but hurry stock is limited. 
This stunning maxi dress is a bit amazing. Last time we got these in  they caused a bit of hysteria- make sure to pop in and snap yours up- £54. 
Make like glamour personified, in this party gal dress- £64. Plastic flamingo accessory optional!  
Do red carpet glamour in this one shouldered dream of a dress- £46. 
Dazzle in this sequinned vest top- £32. 
This colour is like so hot right now- yours for £45. Flower belt £14. 
Amazing Maggie + Me wrap- £42. 

We reckon Rhianna would go Gaga for this black beaded top- £36.

Accessorize dahling! This cute hairband is £10. 
Check out this blingin' ring- £18. Call instore to see more or visit 

Right, so now we've showed you our wares- we'll leave you with this video of young (and some who should have been old enough to know better) auditioning to get tickets for the MTV Awards 2011. We wish we could dance like them.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A sneek peek at what's new on Lombard Street...

Have a look at our fab new window display inspired by a book called Airport- A Collection of the Twentieth Century in Pictures. Check out the snaps of uber cool laydeez like Miss Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Nancy Sinatra . Us Liberty Blue gals could only aspire to look that glamorous if we were papped at the airport!

Let us know what you think of our display and this fab dress too!
Our mannequins aren't just pretty faces you know!

Feelin' groovy. 

Our mannequin getting all intellectual with Flann O'Brien! (Book; mannequins own) 

Cameos are back!

Cameo's are currently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance, spotted on fashion it girls like old reliable Alexa Chung and the Dolce and Gabbanna Fall 11 catwalk. They're also being given a fun modern twist by designers like Tom Binn (see below) whose neon cameo just rocks!

We heart this Tom Binn neon cameo

As with all the best fashion, cameos are classic and classy and therefore perrenial, like a good Chanel jacket! Or a Liberty Blue dress!

 Do it the Liberty Blue way this winter and make a cameo appearance with our fabulous range... see below.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ravishing Retro Shorts!

Our recipie for successful dressing this winter... take a pair of fabulous high waisted Pop Vintage shorts in burgundy and tweed (£24) and mix with a multitude of our finest blouses and jumpers, et voila.

    Here are some outfit's we made earlier...

Pop Jumper- £34
Vintage blouse- £24

Pop Vintage shorts- £24

Gorgeous textured jumper- £34
Sheer floral blouse- £26

Miss Patina London blouse- £46

Maggie+Me Smock/Blouse, worn tucked in- £36
Peter Pan collar 60's shift top- £26

Lovestruck blouse- £26

 Tweed shorts £24
Pop vintage jumper £18
While you're at it, why not accessorize with some of our great winter accessories instore... 

The ultimate bobbly winter hat- £12

Fabulous vintage look brooches, from £12 to £22

Unusual hairbands- from £10. Great for elegant wedding guests!

More brooches

Personalize your clippy kit purse/clutch- £12

Take a closer look at our cabinet of winter wonders!

Check out our quirky necklaces instore or onlne at:

Get accquainted with the Clippy Kit family! Beach bag- £20, purses and small bag £12.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wonderful winter accessories...

We love a good vintage accessory here at Liberty Blue, we do. The more dacadent and opulent, the better! Feast your eyes upon our latest range of beautiful brooches, vintage purses and wallets and our blingin' braclets.

These Morrocan style braclets are now half price at £18. Cut with elements of Swarovski crystal, for that extra bit of bling! 
Vintage purses- £6.

So many to choose from!
Vintage wallets- £10

Take a closer look!       

 Brooches Baby!

All brooches are priced between £14-£21.